Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to work

I survived the first few nights back at work. It felt SO good to be back and I didn't forget how to do my job. It was like riding a bike. I still have to be careful because of my most recent surgery but I can do that. I've gotten lots of compliments on my "haircut." I just say "thanks."

We are sad because Joel's dad, Wayne, will be leaving Saturday. He and Ella have had so much fun. I'll have a lot to live up to when he's gone. Ella got a swing set and has been having a blast swinging and going down the slide. We should both have a nice tan this summer because she LOVES to be outside. . We explore in the flowers and by the birdhouses. She loves to watch for planes and the absolute cutest is when she climbs in the clubhouse of the swing set and just sits down. She helped me plant our organic vegetable garden and was covered from head to toe in dirt. She planted a few birdseed and some rocks. We'll see how they grow

My Grandma Doolittle had to go to the hospital last Saturday. She spent a few days in the ICU and is now on a palliative care unit. She is bleeding and they can't figure out what is causing it. She is in no pain and knows that she is in God's hands. Her 91 year old mind is still sharp as ever. Ella and I will be going down to see her this weekend. I would ask that you keep her and my family in your prayers.


GE is me said...

Lisa, what is palliative? care unit? is that like a step down unit?
Will be praying for your safe trip & good visit w/Grandma.
God Bless, -Gail

Deb said...

So happy to hear that you are back to work!

Will be lifting your Grandmother in prayer!

Keep on Dancing!

Michigan Marine Mom

Kelley Strachan said...


Wow! I don't even know where to begin. I've actually been trying to find you online for a year or so now...hoping to randomly come across a blog or a myspace page (with no luck, obviously). This morning, Helen Le (Woodward) forwarded your blog to me. I've just been sitting and reading it for the past hour or so. You've been through so much, but through it all, kept that "Lisa" attitude that I remember from college and that beautiful smile on your face. What an inspiration you are!

I am so glad to hear that you are back to work and doing well. And I've truly enjoyed looking at the pictures of your precious daughter & husband.

I'd love to hear from you sometime. My email is klstrachan@yahoo.com. Maybe we can even catch up on a phone call soon.

Take Care!
Kelley Strachan - or as you knew me, Moore :)