Friday, April 4, 2008

Surgery Update

The surgery went very well today. I'm feeling pretty good and I'm not in much pain. I've just been sleeping since we got home. My Mom arrived last night to stay with Ella today. My Dad will be arriving shortly and they will stay with us until Tuesday. Grandpa Wayne will be in on Tuesday to stay for 3 weeks. We are so blessed to have amazing family. Thanks to all of you for your prayers today. There will be more to come and I promise it will not take me a month to update our blog!

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Deb said...

We just got home from a trip out to Kansas/Nebraska to visit my Mom and other family members so I missed this prayer request. But do know that I lift you in prayer everyday so I feel God knew what to do with my prayer. Hope you are feeling better by now and you look so cute in your new DO!

Michigan Marine Mom