Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

I can honestly say the life is finally getting back to normal....whatever that is. We celebrated Joel's birthday and took our annual trip to the beach to visit the Gutherie's. We had a wonderful time. We attempted to play on the beach but it was FREEZING!! We will for sure be taking Ella back this summer.
Joel and I made the decision last week that I would stop taking Tamoxifen (the medicine to prevent breast cancer recurrence). I was really have a rough time with the side effects. The best way I can explain it was the way I felt the week after I had Ella combined with what it must feel like to go through menopause. YUCK!! I cried all the time and was just mean. I felt happy on the inside but I couldn't show it. It was starting to effect all areas of my life. We had a 3 month check-up with my oncologist and expressed our concerns. He had me take a break from the med for 1 month to make sure it was the med that was causing the problem. Within 3-4 days I was my old self again. I had energy, I was laughing, and just felt better. We saw the oncologist again last Monday. I know you're probably thinking "But if it reduces your risk of cancer, Lisa, don't be stupid." That of course was my biggest concern. We talked percentages with the doc and he informed me that because of the surgery I chose and the treatments I had, Tamoxifen only reduces my risk of cancer recurrence by 2-3%. It's just now worth if for 2-3%. So, life really is back to normal. I don't think about cancer everyday and I just feel GOOD!!
Of course, it does make me nervous to think about cancer. I'm learning to let my faith guide me through. A close friend shared this scripture with me from Psalms 4:8 "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Thank you to all who continue to pray for us. We appreciate it so much!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Hair

For the first time since my hair fell out, I was actually able to straighten it and have hairstyle. I've been so excited! I can't believe it finally grew long enough. I still like the curls but it is nice to have the hair I've always known back. YEAH!!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Moving on

I've decided the hardest thing by far after battling cancer is figuring out how to move on with my life. It frustrates me that there is always that little twinge in my mind reminding me what I've been through even if it's just a minute or two everyday . These past few weeks have been difficult. I think it's probably got a little to do with the fact I have my first follow-up appointment with my oncologist. I'm trying to learn how to put that thought of cancer or cancer ever returning away. I think that as more time passes it will get easier to not dwell on it. I don't want to ever forget because remembering reminds me of God's goodness and faithfulness. I had never felt closer to God than during those tough times. Life does go on and we are shaped by our life experiences. God's going to help me figure all this out....

On to bigger and better things....Ella celebrated her 2nd birthday on Jan. 12th. We had a big bash and she had so much fun. My favorite picture from the party was the one I snapped below. She was at the table with her cake eating icing with her spoon. She had no idea anyone was watching and she sure was enjoying herself. It is amazing how fast she has grown. She is such an awesome little girl with the best personality. She loves her friends and she working on learning how to share. However, she was not going to share any of her cupcake with Nora!
I've realized that Ella was getting a little bored with me so I thought I better shake things up. We joined My Gym and she loves going. She also goes to the library with Joel once a week for story time. We've also started to learn our alphabet. We pick a letter for the week and we learn as much as she'll allow about that letter. We make crafts, color, and find the letter anywhere we can. The most rewarding part of this is to see how smart she is. My favorite was when she ran to the door as Joel was getting home from work screaming "Airplane starts with A." Joel and I have already realized she much smarter than either of us!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and we are having a blast!! Ella is so into Christmas (just like her mommy)! She is getting excited about Santa Claus bringing her presents although, she refuses to get within 20 feet of him. We've had a few crisis moments walking by Santa at the mall. She loves all the lights and her most favorite thing is the blue Christmas tree they have at Target. Of course, Ella loves anything blue right now. Work is busy and going great. December is our busiest month! Everyone is trying to have their baby before the end of the year. Joel is doing great. He has been getting some great management experience the past few months. All in all, we're just enjoying the holiday season. We feel like we missed last year's because I was sick so we are "living it up."

Every year Joel and I exchange ornaments. I wanted to share a picture of the ornament he gave me this year. It brought tears to my eyes. He always does such a good job with gift giving!!

He had this ornament made for me from and they did a spectacular job. I have a pretty amazing husband.

My health just keeps getting better and better every day. I posted a recent picture so you all could see the curls. My hair is pretty much out of control right now but at least I have hair!!

We were having a great time a the Christmas lights at the zoo. We were with our friends the Barrett's who will be leaving in 3 weeks for full time missions work in Costa Rica. We are going to miss them so much. I'm especially going to miss Sarah. She is a wonderful friend and has stood by me through thick and thin. Check out their story at

God has been opening some amazing doors for me to share my experience with cancer. I had the opportunity to share a little of my testimony at church a few weeks ago. It seems like every week I meet someone who is fighting cancer right now or get a call to contact someone who is recently diagnosed. I am so excited to help these women. I pray the opportunities continue to arise for me to help other women who are going through their fight with cancer.

One last thing, Ella wanted to share a little song and a Christmas wish with you all. Have a blessed holiday season. Don't take one second for granted.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We'll it is official....other than I am the worst blogger ever...I am DONE!!! I unexpectedly finished my Herceptin treatments. I thought I had a few more to go but I finished my last treatment 3 weeks ago. I also begged my oncologist to let me get my port out and he agreed so that' been gone for almost 2 weeks now. So it's done!!!!!! You can probably tell I'm a little excited by all the exclamation points. I'm just thrilled to have my life back. No weekly doctor's appointments, 3 hour infusions, or a port. I can wear whatever shirt I want now!! My hair is growing fast and is super curly and thick. I have to wear headbands to hold it down. Here's a picture of Ella and I at the fair on the carousel, of course.

Ella is growing so much and she looks like a toddler now. She talks non-stop and still loves Elmo. We finally got a DVR so she has many more "Elmo's World" shows to chose from. She is such a big helper and loves to help me cook and do dishes. She is a bit of a neat freak and likes to clean up her toys without anyone asking. (She may have a little of my personality). Ella was a bumble bee for Halloween and has continued to wear her costume, usually on a daily basis.

Everything else is going great. Joel's job is going well and I still love work. We are excited for the holidays this year. Last year's Thanksgiving and Christmas wasn't much fun thanks to chemo. We are going to live it up this year. We are even going to get a little crazy and decorate the outside of our house. I know...I know....don't get to excited right? We are looking forward to some great times with friends and family.

I feel so good and ready to take on the world or maybe just a two-year old.