Thursday, April 3, 2008

I didn't forget......

I know many of you think I forgot about my blog. Well, I haven't at all but chasing around a little girl changes everything! Ella decided last week she would start walking and she was off! I'm so glad she held up her end of our deal to start walking after I finish chemo. Walking definitely takes motherhood to a different level! Joel took this picture of her picking flowers which is one of her new favorite things to do. She also likes to collect rocks.

We had a wonderful Easter and we were able to spend some time with my family in Augusta. Ella went to her first Easter egg hunt and did super. She found one egg! I don't think she cared a bit though. We jumped on the moonwalk and slid down a huge slide several times (I had a blast too)!

Everything with me is going awesome! I feel amazing. My energy is back and several people have told me the sparkle is back in my eyes. I appreciate everyday so much more and I am so grateful to feel good. I'm continuing to receive my Herceptin infusions every two weeks and I've started taking Tamoxifen. I am feeling no side effects from either one. I am so privileged that I continue to meet amazing cancer survivors. Just this week a young women came up to me at Walmart and asked "Do you have cancer?" Turns out, she also had breast cancer and has finished her chemo and is now receiving radiation. She receives her treatment at SCOA also. She told me about a meeting the next day for women who were receiving Herceptin. I stopped by after my infusion and met 2 other young women with breast cancer. We all had similar stories, similar surgeries, similar treatment and they are all moms too! They were so fun and upbeat. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with this! My hair has also started growing. I actually have a hairline!

I would like to ask for your prayers one more time. On Friday morning (April 4th), I will be having the second reconstructive surgery. This is the surgery where I get my permanent implants. YEAH!!!!!!! I can't wait for the tissue expanders to be gone. My surgery is at 7:00AM and should last about 2 hours. It will be an outpatient procedure so I should be home about lunch time. I thought this point would take forever to get to and here I am now. I can't believe it. God is so faithful! I will try to have Joel or Candice post a message after my surgery tomorrow. Thanks for your support and prayers!

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