Thursday, November 1, 2007

All the stuff...

Phew!!!!!!! What a busy day we had on Wednesday! So....I'll start here....We saw Dr. Butler (the oncologist) and he was dressed up like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. It was HILARIOUS! We discussed my chemo treatment plan and this is what it will consist of....

I will be receiving a combination of taxotere and cytoxan for 6 treatments. I'll receive a treatment every 3 weeks to total 18 weeks. I named the drugs so that any of you that have had these can give me any pointers, that would be greatly appreciated! Once I complete the 'big guns' I will be receiving herceptin for one year. We don't really know right now how I will be receiving it, but from what I've been told, patients tolerate this drug very well.

I met with a chemo-educator and she went over what I can expect. My first chemo-session will be Wednesday, November 14. The first session will last about 5 hours to make sure I tolerate it all well, but after that, the sessions won't last as long. She told me that I can expect hair loss, so we have a sign up sheet for all of you who are going to go bald with me. She gave me some great ideas on different foods and supplements that will help me tolerate the chemo. Again, if anyone has any advice from experience, I would love to hear from you. I have been very impressed with my oncologist and the oncology center. The nurses that will be administering my chemo will be the same two nurses every time. This helps me to rest easy knowing that they will know me personally.

I will say that I am a little shell-shocked after receiving all of this information, but God has been faithful to me thus far, and I know that He will continue to give me the strength and the peace that I need every day.

They removed my drains today...and THEN...they told me I couldn't take a shower for another 24 hours!! Regardless, I'm happy their gone, because they were really starting to get uncomfortable. Dr. Haines (plastic surgeon) said that I was healing beautifully and they will begin the tissue expansion next week.

The most important thing is that Ella went to her 9 month check up. We met her new pediatrician and we LOVED her! Ella weighed 23 lbs, 2 oz and she was 30 inches long. Dr. Thomas told us she was the average height of a 14 month old. At least my arms will be stronger for it.

Ginger, one of the girls I worked with, brought us a wonderful meal last night and made sure our bellies were nice and full for the Fall Festival...We had a great time there and we've posted a couple of pictures on our flickr site. Click here

Joel arrived home this afternoon and boy were we glad to see him! Ella had a giggle fest when she saw him. He completed his training with flying colors and now we pray that the right position will become available locally.


Sara said...

You may not know this but my mom is a breast cancer survivor of stage 4 cancer. She too is on Herceptin (sp?). When she initially went on it they were using it in it's "testing" phase. But I am glad to report she is 4 years in remission and they are crediting that PRAISE GOD for that.

I hope you were able to take your long hot shower. I have certainly seen the "healing" side of this crazy cancer and you really are handling it beatifully.

Hope that info helped ! :)

Sara Hill-Cola

cmorlan said...
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cmorlan said...


I just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I think your attitude has been exceptional.

Ella was a very cute bee.

Crystal (Barker) Morlan

Vicki said...


My sister, Diane Sedam, goes to your parents church and she sent me your blog link.

I have just completed my year of chemo, taxotere, cytoxin and herceptin were 3 of the drugs I took. I had no problems at all with the herceptin, I had no side effects from it. I had some reactions to the taxotere which the Dr said was very unusual. I would get a fever a few hours after treatment and would shake for about 3 hours like I was freezing. They had to change it to one called navelbine but I don't think that happens to many people. They gave me some drugs to keep me from getting nauseous and they worked great. I took them anytime I felt it coming on. The heaving if you don't can get to you after a while. The herceptin has proven to reduce the risk of reoccurence by almost 70% which is amazing.

I did lose my hair, bald as an eagle. I cut it off a few days after my 1st treatment so that it wouldn't be so hard watching it fall out and was glad I did. It was very emotional finding little hairs on my pillow. I was able to get a wonderful wig before starting treatment and I'm not sure I'll ever go back to my real hair. No one can tell it's a wig and it makes me look younger and healthier and takes me 2 minutes to put on. I love it and get so many compliments!!

The meds made me extremely fatigued and my taste buds were messed up bad. Everything (even water) tasted like plastic or metal or something and the smell would make me sick. But it's very important to make yourself eat and drink. I found I had to use things that had a strong flavor, pineapple, tomatoes, ginger ale, fruit juices. Each time it was a little different. I would get my taste back before the next treatment so it is temporary. At first I didn't know and it really scared me.

I too had the expanders and just had the implants put in about 3 weeks ago. That is going very well.

From what I have read, you are doing fabulous and have some very good Dr's. The Lord will walk you through this just like he has done so far. He is so faithful and it is such a great testimony for you to have the positive attitude and reflect your faith in Him.

Hang in there, you are doing great!

Expecting Great Things,
Vicki Richie

Deb said...

My cousin is a 10-year cancer survivor. PTL! I will check with her and what treatments she went through and pass on to you.

You have truly been an inspiration in your testimony. It is amazing to see how God works through each of us. He brings us through these crises and makes us stronger in the broken places. With His help, much good can come from our trials.

As someone once said, "God allows what He hates to accompish what He loves."

Enjoy that hot shower!

With Splashes of Joy...
Michigan Marine Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm still praying for you guys and can't wait until this is all over and you're able to testify to God's healing power. I listened to a message online a couple of days ago that really encouraged me- i know you probably don't have a lot of time to sit in front of the computer with a 9 month old, but even if you turn it on a little at a time, I think it would encourage you. You can find it on and it's by Louie Giglio- Anchor of Hope is part one, and Megaphone of Hope is part 2. Give it a shot if you have the time.

Talk to you soon!