Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After Chemo

Sorry to all who check our blog frequently for updates. Let me just say that chemo is no joke. These past few days have been pretty tough. I did well the day after chemo but by Friday afternoon I was starting to feel the effects of the medicine. By Saturday I was out for the count. Thankfully, Grandpa Wayne was here to take care of Ella. I don't remember much because some of the anti-nausea meds give you short term memory loss. I just remember I slept most of the day. The nausea eased up by Monday. Needless, to say my appetite wasn't effected to much. The part that is the hardest is the fatigue and joint pain. It just feels like you have the flu. I'm not complaining though. The side effects were so much better then I thought they would be. At least now we know what to expect and what to plan for.

We've learned we'll probably need some babysitting help....so all of you that have offered you'll be getting a call soon. Since Ella is crawling all over the place she needs constant supervision. She's already tried to climb up the Christmas tree! Ella and I were having a little fun one day trying on some hats I bought in case my hair falls out. She is such a little nut! She has definitely got her Daddy's sense of humor!

Speaking of Joel....he interviewed for an upper management position yesterday and we found out today that he got the job! YEEEAAAAHHH! He will be transferring to a store in Northeast Columbia and will be managing the departments he really wanted. What an answer to prayer!!

Grandpa Wayne (Ella calls him "Pa") had to take Ella on her first Carousel ride. They rode it 3 times in a row because every time it stopped she cried and wanted more. They had a blast. Check out our flickr site for the new pictures.

Tomorrow we go for our weekly chemo infusion. This medicine that I'm getting weekly is suppose to have no side effects. I'm glad. I don't need any interference with my "turkey eat'n." We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (and you find good sales on Friday)!


Deb said...

Happy Day After...Hopefully you were able to enjoy a yummy meal!

It's good to hear that you are keeping your spirits up during all of this. That alone will see you through this.

You two gals look great in your hats!

With Splashes of Joy...
Michigan Marine Mom

Tara said...

Glad to see you are doing so well. Call me if you need ANYTHING!!

Cheryl & Bobby said...

Praise the Lord for Joel's new position. I am keeping you all in my prayers that he will not have to transfer until all this is over. Ella and Grandpa looks like they had some bonding time. Lisa, thank you so much for your blog. It sure does ease the anxiousness of wondering how you are doing. I might not read it every day or answer everytime I read it, but you cannot begin to know how much it helps us who are really concerned for you, and love you. I am praying that you won't have to go through as much from now on, as you did the first time. We love you and I want to help in any way we can.

Meredee's mom said...

I continue to look out my window to see if you are out walking....I am glad to see your blog. We continue to remember you in our prayers here at home and at my church. Please add me to your sitter list...we are right around the corner. ANYTIME!!! Seriously, Meredith would love the company! Cory looks forward to meeting Joel at the new Lowe's...as he is always there repairing the computers. We are here for anything, please reach out as needed. We are holding it down at the Richland for you!!!

Antepartum, RN said...

I have been keeping up with your progress and prognosis since I heard from Kelly what you are going through.. I have been at a loss for words. I told my mom about you and shared your blog with her and she has a prayer circle going at her church for all of you.
I asked my step-dad about your type of cancer and treatment and he filled me in...you know you see his partner- you have a great doctor and a wonderful set of nurses caring for you!!!
Ella is beautiful :)
You are an inspiration to people even if you dont mean to be. I hope you can continue your journey in high spirits and continue to smile and laugh, it really does help.
I am praying for you and your family. I cant wait to see you at the First Ladies Walk next year with your special hat!!

Ginger said...

Lisa and Joel,
Congrats on the promotion!! Sorry you're not with Betty, but you never know!!! You look gorgeous in your hat, and Ella is of course adorable! I don't know if I can babysit, but I can sure bring food. Your positive attitude makes those of us who are healthy seem silly with our complaints. I know you have been given Jeremiah 29:11-12, and I can tell you those scriptures literally saved my life!
Hold on tight to God, He is holding all of you in His hand!

Love You,