Monday, October 22, 2007

One Month

Today marks the one month anniversary of my diagnosis. God has worked in amazing ways. It is hard to believe so much has happened in a short amount of time. I'm already almost a week post-surgery. I am so thankful God gave us the best doctors who worked so quickly to begin my treatment. We saw the plastic surgeon today. They removed the dressing but the drains have to stay another week. I was so pleased with the surgery results and I'm healing quickly.

We want to say "thanks" to all who have brought meals this week. It was so helpful. Thank you Mom and Heather for all your help with Ella. I've been able to get lots of rest because she has been in great hands! (I promise to keep resting)!!

I thought this picture was the absolute cutest! My in-laws (Wayne and April) sent this double stroller. The girls love it!! They like the way it tastes too! We promise there will be more cute pictures to follow.


April and Wayne said...

What beautiful babies, their grandmothers must be lovely! Keep up the good work Lisa.
Gma April :>)

Kirsten said...

Lisa,Joel and Heather,
Holding you in prayer. Yes they are beautiful babies - they must have REALLY LOVELY Grandmothers.
Looking forward to seeing you southern people out west when you are all healed.
Heather when you have time I could could use some housecleaning, your Mom and I will hold the baby.HaHa
Katie's new place is great, Andrew did good.
Kirsten and Joe

Deb said...

What a great update! What sweet little ones!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

Just wanted to share my favorite new saying.

With Splashes of Joy...
Michigan Marine Mom


Meredee's mom said...


I just found out today--when I saw you strolling Ella a week and a half ago I had no idea. God spole to me that day and told me to drive around the neighborhood to speak to you and I feel bad i did not listen. I am here for you--as it looks like---so are many others. Mereidth woudl love to play with Ella ANY TIME!!!! I am always home. God is on your side and I know He will contine to be with you---I will try and hke up to your side of the neighborhood soon!!!! You and your family are in my prayers!!!

Jennifer McEnulty (Meredith and Cory too)

Nanna Shirley said...

What a wonderful blessing to have such great help during our family's journey. Thanks to everyone - especially for your prayers. Ella is her Nanna's joy and she and Isabelle were such a delight to play with. Thanks April and Wayne for the double stroller-I had fun pushing the babies (with Heather's help up the hills). Joel and Lisa - you are courageous! We love you and thank God for His strength in your lives and ours. Nanna Shirley

Alla said...

Cute Cute Baby Thighs! Good the cousins can spend time together and have great pictures from their babyhoods. I am happy to see life marching around cancer and recovery for you all. Keep being well.
-Alla and Christy