Friday, September 5, 2008

Long see

Yes...we are all doing well. I know it's been too long and I am going down in history as the worst blogger ever. I have found it difficult to have a second to spare chasing Ella around all day. We have had so much to do these past few weeks. Ella is growing so much and she looks like a little girl now. Joel and I have a blast playing with her. She has started talking in complete sentences and you never know what she is going to say. She is very much into playing with play dough, coloring, stickers, and oh yes...the jewelry obsession. The other day we went to the mall and she HAD to wear a bracelet on both arms, a huge necklace, her sunglasses, and of course her pink tutu. I think we might have a little "diva" on our hands!

My hair has grown so much that I actually have a hairstyle now. It is SOOOO curly. I am enjoying how easy it is to fix, although the amount of product I have to use is steadily increasing because I have to control the poof!
We were able to take a trip to Washington a few weeks ago for Joel's sister's wedding. We stayed a few extra days to hang out with the family and see some friends. We had wonderful time. I will admit that flying into Portland, OR and seeing the beautiful landscape made me miss it....a little. Ella had a great time playing with her cousin Isabel and "Papa and Mimi." We were able to spend a day at the zoo in Portland with our friends Milan and Miriam. We got to introduce Ella to their son and had a wonderful time just catching up.
The day before we left, Joel, Ella, Wayne, April (Joel's mom and dad), and myself we able to take a trip to the beach. Ella was so confused when I was putting layers of clothes on her and telling her we were going to the beach. She just kept saying "No Mama, No!" But sand is sand no matter what coast you're on and we've got a little beach bum on our hands!
Since being back, life has continued as normal. I have officially completed all of my reconstructive surgery and LOVE the results. Joel has received another promotion with Lowes and we couldn't be happier. God continues to amaze us!!

On October 4th, Joel and I will be walking in the "Walk for Life." The walk is a local fund raiser for the women and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Columbia area. All the money raised stays local and I saw the benefit first hand last year when I was diagnosed. It is an easy 3 mile walk through downtown Columbia and takes about 3 hours for the walk and festivities. If anyone local is interested in joining with us, please let us know.

Until next time....whenever that may be.......


Life's Little Polka Dots said...

Glad to see you back!! Believe it or not I check your blog every couple of days to see if there are any updates. However, with 4 kids of my own I know how hard it is to keep up on this sort of thing!!! I am just grateful to have a small window into your lives. I'm sorry that we didn't get to see you when you were in Washington. I would have loved to meet Ella. I just L.O.V.E. a "girly~girl" (Being one myself) I'm glad things are going well though and can't wait to read from you again. Matt and I are on facebook as well as MANY others you (or at least Joel) would know. It seems to be easier to keep up on that sort of thing. Take care. Molly

Deb said...

Like Molly, I check every few days to see if you have been by. I have been thinking of you through prayer and was just about to write Candice to see how things were going for you. Happy to read that it's going so well for all of you.

Don't feel bad for not getting on here everyday. You have more important things to do. Here I am retired, a grandma, and I actually gave up on my blog site cuz I couldn't keep up with it. Ha! I'm too busy watching my soaps & eating chocolate. Ha-Ha! Yea, right!

We were in your area back in July. We drove through on our way to SC (Parris Island) to see my kids & beautiful granddaughters. Great time! They are little divas, too. Very 'girly-girls'.

Can't believe how much Ella has changed since you last blogged. What a cutie! You look great!

Till next time...Keep on dancing!
Michigan Marine Mom