Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today's the day! One year ago today I was diagnosed with cancer. What a year it has been!!! I am so excited to be almost done with everything. I am so ready to move on. I was reading this morning from a journal I started a few days after my diagnosis. I wrote, "I believe God could just take this cancer if He desires. If not, I will trust Him to take me on this journey. I believe He will guide me, strengthen me, and heal me." The journal entry goes on to say how much peace I felt at that very moment. I get so excited when I think of the testimony I now have and the amazing life God has given me! God has brought me through this experience and I have learned so much. Thank you to all of you who have gone on this journey with me. We can celebrate this day together!!

As many of you may know, Ella had a seizure last Tuesday. She is doing just fine now. It was very scary because she stopped breathing. I was by myself visiting my parents. We had to go by ambulance to the children's hospital in Augusta. Everyone took such good care of us. We don't know what caused the seizure. We have a few more doctors appointments and an EEG in the next few weeks. It didn't stop her one bit. In fact, she has started saying more new words and making sentences that actually make sense. We are just believing it is a one time incident.

Everything else is going great. Joel will be on a normal schedule for 6 weeks while he goes through training for the next level of management. We are planning a trip to the Atlanta zoo and the aquarium in a few weeks. Ella is so excited to finally see a panda!

We received a package in the mail from Wayne and April (Joel's parents). They had sent Ella a gorgeous dress for the fall. She of course had to put it on immediately. They also included some Irish Rovers CD's. I recorded this quick video of Ella showing her true Irish roots. Hope you enjoy!!


j.yue said...

you are amazing lisa. so happy for you. God is good. thanks for sharing your journey.
and your little girl, no doubt she will be a great talker like her dad! haha! so cute!

Daniel & Candice said...

YAY! I am so proud and amazed at how both you and Joel have truly leaned on the Lord with such faith and've been an example to us all!

Love you guys...great seeing you on Thursday..let's get together soon again!

With gratitude,

Katharina said...

I will be praying that Ella is okay. I know how scary that can be. You are an inspiration to me during this rough time that we have been going through. I find your words so encouraging. You are just amazing!!

Deb said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I feel so blessed by having gone through your journey with you by your blog. You were truly inspirational and encouraging.

I asked God for water, He gave me an ocean.
I aked God for a flower, He gave me a garden.
I asked God for a tree, He gave me a forest.
I asked God for a friend, and He gave me YOU!

Praying for litte Miss Ella.

Keep on Dancin'!
With Splashes of JOY...
Michigan Marine Mom

Cheri said...

i know this message is late, but congratulations on a year! i can't wait to hear more testimonies of God's goodness in your life in the years to come!

we'll be praying with you that ella's seizure was a one time event.

whenever you're in town again, please let us know. we'd love to meet up and introduce the kids!

Bryan & Cheri