Friday, February 15, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes...I am almost done with my chemo! I apologize to those who check frequently for updates. My last big chemo on Feb. 2nd really got me good and I was down for about a week. I got some help this week when I went for my weekly infusion. Medicine and IV fluids are amazing!! This last big chemo was a little rough on my body and my hemoglobin (iron level) dropped significantly. (It was 7.7 for all my nurse friends)!!!! That is pretty low. No wonder I felt so drained! The nurses gave me a great shot of some hemoglobin boosting medicine and this week it was back up to 11.1. (Still a little low but much, much better).

I have one more to go on February 27th and the bad chemo will be done. Believe me when I say, I AM READY TO BE FINISHED!!!!! I will then start a medicine called Tamoxifen and continue to recieve Herceptin until November. I'd love some suggestions from anyone who has taken Tamoxifen. I'm a little nervous about taking it. The Tamoxifen is taken for 5 years and greatly reduces the chance of a recurrence of cancer. Of course, there will continue to be frequent visits with the oncologist, scans and blood work, but NO MORE CHEMO!!!!!

All is well with Ella and Joel. Ella's battling a cold this week and teething. She hasn't skipped a beat though. She has started climbing on everything which is interesting because she isn't walking yet. I found her sitting in the rocking chair last night. I guess she was ready for bed! We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Joel had the past few days off and we just relaxed. It was great. Next weekend we are headed off to the beach for a little R&R and to celebrate Joel's birthday.

For all the local Columbia people, Ella and I are going to be on TV! We have been invited by the American Cancer Society to help promote Relay for Life on a local morning show "Live with Lucas." I am very honored they would ask me to share my story and bring Ella. We will be on the show Tuesday, February 26th on the 6:15 AM segment. I's early!!

By the way, I loved hear from some you. I'm going a little stir crazy. You can only vaccum the floor so many times!!!


Dave Cox said...

I'm glad to hear that you're almost through your last Chemo treatment. I'm very excited for you to be able to be on TV to share a sense of hope for all those dealing with cancer.

I love both of you a great deal and we've loved reading this blog! I'm going to send it to a couple people that are dealing with cancer right now.

Ella is so cute!

mreddie said...

Carolyn and I have been following your ordeal and am so glad for you that possibly the worst is over. That is one cute kid you have there. ec

Deb said...

Ella is so precious! Makes me miss my two little granddaughters more! They live down in SC.

This has been an amazing journey you've been on and thank you for taking the time to share it with us all. You have been a real inspiration!

I talked with my "sister" who is a cancer survivor and she took Tatnoxifer. She had no side effects from it or any other problems from it that she was aware of. She was tired a lot but that was going on before she took it so she doesn't know if it caused more tiredness or not. I'm sure you'll be just fine with it.

God Bless you with helping others that may be facing this jouney in their lives.

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