Monday, February 2, 2009

Moving on

I've decided the hardest thing by far after battling cancer is figuring out how to move on with my life. It frustrates me that there is always that little twinge in my mind reminding me what I've been through even if it's just a minute or two everyday . These past few weeks have been difficult. I think it's probably got a little to do with the fact I have my first follow-up appointment with my oncologist. I'm trying to learn how to put that thought of cancer or cancer ever returning away. I think that as more time passes it will get easier to not dwell on it. I don't want to ever forget because remembering reminds me of God's goodness and faithfulness. I had never felt closer to God than during those tough times. Life does go on and we are shaped by our life experiences. God's going to help me figure all this out....

On to bigger and better things....Ella celebrated her 2nd birthday on Jan. 12th. We had a big bash and she had so much fun. My favorite picture from the party was the one I snapped below. She was at the table with her cake eating icing with her spoon. She had no idea anyone was watching and she sure was enjoying herself. It is amazing how fast she has grown. She is such an awesome little girl with the best personality. She loves her friends and she working on learning how to share. However, she was not going to share any of her cupcake with Nora!
I've realized that Ella was getting a little bored with me so I thought I better shake things up. We joined My Gym and she loves going. She also goes to the library with Joel once a week for story time. We've also started to learn our alphabet. We pick a letter for the week and we learn as much as she'll allow about that letter. We make crafts, color, and find the letter anywhere we can. The most rewarding part of this is to see how smart she is. My favorite was when she ran to the door as Joel was getting home from work screaming "Airplane starts with A." Joel and I have already realized she much smarter than either of us!


Anna said...

Aw! I LOVE it! Ella is so adorable! I love reading about her! You are such an encouragement at work and sometimes I wish we worked the same hours and didn't just talk at shift change! haha! We were talking in small group about how we want to be these "great women of God" but we don't want to stand in the fire long enough to be refined into those types of women but you are being refined into that woman of faith and I am so grateful you are open and real about your experiences and feelings!

Katharina said...

I can relate to how you are felling. Brian got a cancer-free report at his last doctors visit, yet I have to constantly remind him of that. He has a sore throat right now and it is scaring him to death.
Your hair looks great! I am blessed to be able to call you my friend. I love you!